A bride stands on a bridge above a waterfall as her groom embraces her and kisses her neck

Summer Wedding at Seven Springs

We traveled to the Laurel Highlands for Grace and Nir’s summer wedding at Seven Springs! It was quite a day, too. A happy couple with lots of family and friends gathered in the mountains to celebrate with them.

Getting Ready at Fin ‘n Feather

A young woman drinks champagne through a straw shaped into the word "Bride"

Sipping champagne from a straw is pretty standard stuff at hair and makeup time. But this straw was amazing!

Photos of wedding and bridesmaids dresses, flowers and a diamond ring

Fin ‘n Feather is a beautiful, private spot to get ready. It was where the Dupré family, founders of Seven Springs, lived. The house is modern with rustic touches and the grounds feature a meandering stream and a pond. The enclosed back porch is the perfect place for a photo of wedding dresses. Grace and Nir’s rings were made by a close friend and were absolutely gorgeous!

A bride stands in front of a window as she holds a sheer wedding veil.

A bride's mother helps her to get dressed in front of a window during a Summer wedding at Seven Springs

Grace and her mom went upstairs to get the wedding dress on. The window light and the warmth of the wooden planks on the wall added so much to the beauty of the scene. Simply magical!

A bride's mother puts a veil on her daughter

Groom and groomsmen toast while Bride and bridesmaids take a group selfie

The guys got ready in the apartment above the garage next door (Lisa’s photo). They shared a toast while the ladies did a selfie.

First Look

A first look on a small bridge over a creek during a summer wedding at seven springs

We scouted out a location for the first look and decided on the footbridge over the stream. It was a shaded and private for Grace and Nir to have a moment together.

A bride smiles as her groom kisses her on the cheek.

A bride stands in a wedding gown with a long train.

Grace is perfectly named.

A groom with a ponytail kisses his bride's hand as they stand on a bridge during a summer wedding at seven springs.

A groom holds the bouquet as he and his bride walk through grass during a summer wedding at Seven Springs

After some portraits the couple headed back to the house to get the shuttle to the ceremony site.

Ceremony at Meadowoods

Detail photos of Meadowoods venue at Seven Springs including the marker, paper cones filled with birdseed, a box with candles and the bridal shelter.

A bride holds her flowers and looks over her right shoulder at her groom as he and his parents prepare to walk down the aisle.

Grace smiles at Nir as he prepares to walk down the aisle with his parents at the start of the ceremony of their summer wedding at Seven Springs.

A bride and groom hold hands as they are surrounded by their bridal party during their summer wedding at seven springs

The couple exchange vows on the stage at Meadowoods.

A groom wipes a tear while his bride smiles during a summer wedding at seven springs

Things got a little emotional as Nir said his vows.

a bride and groom kiss at the end of the ceremony during their summer wedding at seven springs

Now that’s a kiss! (photo by Lisa)

A bride and groom are pelted by rice as they exit their wedding ceremony.

Guests throw birdseed at the happy couple as they walk back down the aisle.

a bride twirls as her dress fans out

Once the guests went to the cocktail hour there was some room to move.

a bride embraces her sister who holds a bouquet of flowers.

Grace and her sister Rose.

a groom makes a face as his bride kisses him on the side of his head

A bride and groom kiss during their summer wedding at seven springs

The sun peeked through the branches while we did some portraits on that lovely summer afternoon.

Reception in the Alpine Room

Details from a cookie table during a wedding at seven springs

Nir’s family is from Boston. I love it when out of town folks experience the best Western Pennsylvania wedding tradition: The Cookie Table!

Detail of the top of a wedding cake with flowers and hearts run through by an arrow.

A groom dips his bride and kisses her as they enter their wedding reception.

Nir and Grace made their entrance in style!

A bride dances with a bridesmaid during her summer wedding at seven springs.

Dancing started immediately.

A crowd of wedding guests tries to prevent the groom from reaching his bride during a traditional dance at their summer wedding at seven springs.

A crowd formed around Grace and Nir had to break through to get to her.

a groom struggles to reach his bride then carries her away.

The guests didn’t make things easy, but he got there and carried his bride off.

A bridesmaid in a blue dress raises her fist as she dances

a boy is illuminated by a fire pit during a summer wedding at seven springs.

One great thing about having a summer wedding at Seven Springs is that you can use both indoor and outdoor spaces as much as you want. Guests who took a break from dancing could head out to the patio and enjoy a drink by the fire pits.

A bride and groom are raised on chairs during the hora at their summer wedding at seven springs.

Towards the end of the evening is when the Hora took place. It’s good to have some fit friends!

A bride and groom embrace while dancing during their wedding.

I owe a big thanks to Grace and Nir for including me in their wonderful wedding day.

If you liked this wedding then here are some more from Seven Springs. I shot more weddings there last year than anywhere else. I’m very grateful to Sierra, Nicole and Rena for recommending me. They make wedding days easy for everybody!