Summer Wedding at Lingrow Farm

Photos from Marina and Tony’s lovely early summer wedding at Lingrow Farm.

couple embraces in the doorway of a farmhouse

Getting Ready in the Farmhouse

The farmhouse at Lingrow is a great space. It has such a wonderful feel to it with sunlight filling the rooms. Here Marina has her makeup done.

bride is reflected in the glass of a table top while having her makeup done

Meanwhile Tony was outside giving shoulder rubs to the guests as they arrived (Lisa’s photo below)

back rub chain of groom and wedding guests

The first look was impromptu when Tony came into the room where Marina had just finished getting her gown on.

groom pops his head into a bedroom door to see his bride in her wedding dress

It was a lovely moment with Marina’s mom Nancy looking on.

couple kisses as the bride's mom looks onbride looks in a mirror as her maid of honor and makeup artist adjust her necklacegroom smiles as his boutonniere is pinned to the lapel of his suit jacket

portrait of a bride lit by a window

Ceremony by the Pond

Tony and his mom get ready to walk down the hill to the pavilion before the wedding (Lisa’s photo)

groom makes a nervous gesture as he and his mother prepare to walk down the aisle at his wedding.

Marina and her dad Frank waited in the lower level of the barn for their turn to walk down to the pavilion.

bride and her father stand ready to walk down the aisle togetherbride looks at her father as they walk down the aisle together

Tony watches as Marina and her dad make their way towards him (Lisa’s photo)

groom smiles as he sees his bride coming towards them during their wedding ceremony

The ceremony was really lovely and personal. A friend wrote the score for the processional and the couple surprised everyone by exchanging their vows through a vocoder voice synthesizer. That was a new one for me!

bride looks at her groom during their wedding ceremonyview of the wedding from behindgroom looks at his bride during their wedding ceremony

Exchanging the rings proved to be a challenge for both of them.

bride struggles to get the ring on her groom

(Lisa’s photo below)

groom makes a face as he struggles to get the ring on his bride

The couple stopped at the top of the hill for a moment just after the ceremony.

bride and groom embrace as they pause on a hill above their wedding ceremony

I love the bright colors and light on the back porch of the farmhouse.

bride and groom look out the windows of a farmhouse porch after their wedding

Reception in the Barn

First dance (Lisa’s photo below)

bride and groom share their first dance under strings of lights

Marina’s dad’s speech was pretty athletic!

father of the bride jumps in the air while giving a toast to the couple

But it was definitely entertaining (Lisa’s photo below)

bride and groom laugh during toasts

…and heartfelt.

groom smiles during a toast from the father of the bride

(Lisa’s photo below)

groom and father of the bride embrace after a toast

One of the couple’s young guests ran through the field as the crew prepared the fireworks display for later that evening.

a child leaps into the air in a field during a wedding reception

One of the guests came up with an awesome and original tribute to the couple.

the shaved head of a wedding guest reveals the last name of the couple

Tony danced with his mom.

groom picks his mother off of the ground as they danceadults and children dance together during a wedding reception in a barn

This brave guest patted one of the farm cats on the head. From the looks of this cat, it gets into a fight every night and loses a lot of them (Lisa’s photo below)

a wedding guest pats a farm cat on the head during a wedding reception

Both Marina and Tony are artists. Tony made the disco ball out of broken mirrors.

a mirrored disco ball spins during a wedding receptionlesbian couple kills it on the dance floor during a wedding reception

Fireworks and a Campfire

This fantastic fireworks shot was taken by Lisa.

bride and groom kiss with fireworks in the background

There was a campfire for the guests to enjoy. Tony’s dad spent weeks soaking pine cones in different salt solutions so that the flames would be colored. It was a very interesting effect.

wedding guests gather around a camp fire

Marina and Tony had dozens of these multi-colored lights spread out on tables all throughout the reception. I thought it’d be an interesting element in a portrait if I gathered a bunch of them together. I think it worked out pretty well!

bride and groom share a tender moment illuminated by colored lights at their wedding reception

Lingrow Farm is always a great place for a wedding. Check out this wedding that I photographed there.