Top 50 US Wedding Photographers

I’ve been named one of the Top 50 US Wedding Photographers by the wedding planning website Weddzilla. What a great surprise!

Best wedding photographers in the USA

I’m friends with many of the photographers on this list, including my dear friends Kate McElwee and Steve Koo. I’m so honored to be named along with them. While it’s a nice honor, whatever accolades that my photos might bring are a reflection of the wonderful people who I am privileged to work with.

Here’s a screenshot of the award! So they misspelled Pittsburgh, but you still get the idea 😀

Photo of the award naming Joe Appel Photography one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the country

Gay Wedding Ban Overturned!

In other news, a few weeks back a Federal Judge overturned Pennsylvania’s ban on gay marriage. As a result, I was contacted by KDKA news for a story that he was doing on the impact that the decision would have on the wedding industry. I did an on-camera interview and then spent the next few hours fretting over whether or not I sounded like a complete fool. Thankfully, I didn’t 😊

Here’s a link to the video of the news report.