Two grooms hold hands in front of the Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh

Two grooms wed at Station Square: I can’t think of a better way to start the 2022 season than Jeremy and Josh’s wedding! From the moment I arrived it was apparent that not only were they excited for their wedding, EVERYBODY was absolutely over the moon that they were getting married. Documenting an event with that feeling of love all around is 100% the best thing about my job.

Two Grooms Wed at Station Square

Two grooms have a first look before their wedding at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh

It’s winter in Pittsburgh which, let’s be real, isn’t the reason we love our city. A great thing about having a wedding at the Sheraton Station Square are those giant floor-to-ceiling windows that look across the Monongahela River to the skyline of downtown. So that’s where Jeremy and Josh had their first look.A tall groom and a shorter groom stand together for a portrait at the Sheraton Station Square.

Not wanting to he guys chose to wear different colored tuxedos: Josh in navy blue and Jeremy in black.

The Ceremony

Two grooms exchange vows beneath a fabric arch as their guests look on.

Josh and Jeremy exchanged vows. Which was a great time to get an angle that shows their guests, too.

A woman in a dark red dress wipes a tear away as she reads during a wedding ceremony for two grooms.

The couple’s sister-in-law Sarah wiped a tear as she read an excerpt from the Supreme Court of the United States Same Sex Marriage ruling by Justice Anthony Kennedy. Seven years on it remains a powerful testimony to equality in the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Two grooms holding hands as they exchange rings with their wedding party arrayed on either side of them.

The wedding party applauds as Jeremy and Josh are declared to be married!

Two grooms are congratulated by their friends after their wedding ceremony.

There was a whole lot of love when the wedding party congratulated the couple right after the ceremony!


Two grooms walk hand in hand at Station Square. Two grooms embrace as they hold their wedding vows.

I’d noticed that Josh and Jeremy were holding what looked to be passports while they were reading their vows. So I asked them about it when we were outside doing portraits. Jeremy had a Wizard of Oz passport holder and Josh had one that was Star Trek themed. I love details like that!

Two grooms look at each other standing in front of a cloudy sky.

The clouds made a dramatic backdrop as Jeremy and Josh posed for a portrait on the Smithfield Street Bridge.


Cookie table and decor at a wedding at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh.

An excellent cookie table! Pro tip: I always judge by the pizzelles. My dad was a master pizzelle maker – they need to be crisp! The takeaway boxes were a nice touch.

Cookie table and same sex wedding cake at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh

The Wizard of Oz and Star Trek themes made it on to the cake from Bethel Bakery.


Two grooms share a dance as a man plays guitar and sings

Jeremy’s brother sang “Simply the Best” a la Noah Reid from Schitt’s Creek for the first dance. It was a perfect choice.

dark, moody photo of two grooms sharing their first dance at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh.

Two grooms are embraced by the mother of one of the grooms during their wedding.

A man catches and lifts a young woman into the air during a wedding at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh

This guy was like Johnny Pulling Baby up on stage at the end of “Dirty Dancing” when “Time of My Life” was played – except he did it for everyone who wanted to be lifted. Fantastic!

A mother lifts her toddler daughter into the air on the dance floor at the Sheraton Station Square

Speaking of Baby being lifted…

Wedding guests celebrate together on the dance floor of a Sheraton Station Square wedding in Pittsburgh.

Guests packed the dance floor for the entire evening!

Two grooms with their shirt sleeves rolled up dance during their wedding at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh.