For those of you suffering through the cold end of February here in the north, well, I’m sorry.

My wife and I took the kids to Florida for a week, and the weather couldn’t have been nicer.

Since we were on vacation I didn’t take any gear besides my wife’s Sony point-and-shoot. But when I saw the rainbow above my kids playing in the surf I couldn’t resist:

After a couple of days at Disney, we went to Daytona Beach. The Southeast Center for Photo/Graphic Studies is where I went to school to learn photography. The school is now a part of Daytona State College.

One of my classmates, Tariq Hamid, is teaching there now. It was my privilege to be able to speak to his and my old professor Eric Breitenbach’s classes. I learned my trade back in the days of film and darkrooms, and was really impressed with the ability of the students to shoot assignments and have them critiqued in real time thanks to digital technology.

Afterwards I checked out the Southeast Museum of Photography’s exhibition of documentary photographer Alex Harris’ photos from Cuba. Really inspirational stuff.

It’s good to be back. I’m energized, but a little tired. Tomorrow night I’ll be photographing the Fleetwood Mac concert. Stop back to see those photos.