Wedding at J Verno Studios

Kara and Patrick’s wedding at J Verno Studios took place on one of those perfect Western Pennsylvania early fall days. It’s my favorite time of the year when it’s still warm enough to spend the days outside but the humidity of late summer is gone. Enough about the weather – this was a wonderful day all around.

bride and groom smile as they stand together outside on a sunny fall day

Getting Ready at Homebride and her sister look at the bride's wedding dress which is hanging in a window

Kara and her sister Kaitlyn take a look at the wedding gown.

bridesmaids stand together while wearing monogrammed dressing robes

The bridesmaids gathered in their dressing gowns after their hair and makeup was done.

father of the bride naps while the girls get ready for the wedding

Meanwhile, despite a house filled with women laughing, yelling, and running around Kara’s dad Jeffrey found a quiet place for a quick nap.

bride wipes a tear as she reads a letter from her groom

Kara dabs away a tear as she reads a letter from Patrick.

bride walks past a line of paintings of her and her siblings hanging in her parent's house

I asked Kara’s mom about the drawings hanging in the upstairs hallway. She pointed at the one on the right and said that was Kara. I knew that as soon as she was finished dressing Kara would walk out of the door behind her and past these drawings. The juxtaposition between the grown woman on her wedding day and the drawing of her as a young girl was a storytelling moment that I wasn’t about to miss.

detail photos of a chalkboard and a pair of pink high heels

A couple of details include some terrific shoes and a board with important dates.

Ceremony at Saints John and Paul Parish

Kara sheds a tear as she and her dad walk down the aisle at Saints John and Paul Parish.

bride sheds a tear as she and her father walk down the aisle bride and groom smile as they listen to the priest during their wedding

This is something nice that Father McCaffrey does: He positions himself in the aisle so that the couple faces their guests while they take their vows (Lisa’s photo).

bridal party stands on the altar of a church as the priest stands in the aisle when the bride and groom recite their wedding vowsbride and groom smile as they talk during communion

After the ceremony Kara thanks the flower girl, Reese.

bride tickles a little girl who laughs

Kara’s sister Krista gets the bubbles started as the guests exit the church.

maid of honor blows soap bubbles outside of the church

More bubbles.

the air is filled with bubbles as the bride and groom exit the church.

Still more bubbles (Lisa’s photo).

bride and groom pause outside of the church for a kiss

Portrait Time

On the limo bus with some bubbly.

bride swigs champagne from the bottle as groom gives her a look


bridesmaids cover their faces as a groomsman opens a bottle of champagne while he too looks away

Kara looked so beautiful with her flowing veil. Patrick was holding on to the bouquet while I was taking some other photos of Kara when I looked over at him and saw the light on his profile. I don’t think he was too crazy about me taking his photo while he held the flowers, but it turned out to be a pretty nice portrait.

portraits of a bride and a groom outside in a park

Some more details.

closeup detail photos of a groomsman's boutonniere and a necklace on a bridesmaid wedding and engagement rings on the top of the wedding cake and the wedding cake reflected in the cake serversignature cocktail and a place setting at the wedding receptionwestern Pennsylvania cookie table

Reception at J Verno Studios

The couple arrives at J Verno Studios for the reception.

bride and groom enter the reception beneath the outstretched arms of their bridal partybride and groom share a piece of cake after cutting their wedding cake

Parent’s dances.

groom dances with his mother and bride dances with her father

(Lisa’s photo)

bride spins around at the end of the arm of a friend as they dancecouple laugh as they kick their legs and dance during a wedding reception

bride and groom dance while their guests watch. Their names are projected on the wall behind them.

Thanks again to Kara and Patrick for having us there to tell the story of their day.