Wedding Photography In West Virginia

Wedding Photography in West Virginia. Emily and Bill’s Lawrencefield B&B wedding in Wheeling, WV was a rocking good time. And that’s not just because D.J. Zombo was there with his Zombotron 🙂 It was a big family event and everyone from the kids to the older generation had a part to play.

Three arched windows in the background of a bride and groom facing each other in a room with chipped paint. Wedding Photography In West Virginia.

Getting Ready at Her Parent’s House

Lawrencefield is one of those elegant old gilded-age country estates in the hills above Wheeling, not far from Oglebay, and Sandscrest. It’s quiet and rural, but still only a few minutes from Wheeling and about 45 minutes from Pittsburgh. The wedding day started with Emily getting ready at her parents’ house in Wheeling.

A bride looks out the window while seated in a red upholstered chair in the entryway of a house.

detail photo of hands buttoning up the back of a lace dress with a long row of buttons. Pink sparkly strap heel shoes.

Emily’s sister Megan helps with her sparkly high-heeled shoes from Betsy Johnson.

A woman bends down to tie the strap of a fancy shoe of a bride

Beautiful lace detail on Emily’s dress and a wreath on her parent’s front door.

Two photos: a lace end of a wedding dress contrasted against a hardwood floor. A green door with a wreath of pink roses hanging from it.

Megan hands Emily a Kind Bar on their way out the door to the church. Gotta keep that blood sugar up!

A bride holds her dress train up as she walks down the steps of a brick house with a woman in a pink gown.

The Ceremony in Wheeling, WV

Standing with Megan and her their dad Kevin, Emily gives the thumbs-up to the flower girls and ring bearers at the back of St. Michael Church in Wheeling.

A bride stands with her bridesmaid and her father as she gives the thumbs up sign to a group of flower girls and ring bearersdetail of the bun in the hair of a flower girl as she faces away from the camera preparing to head down the aisle at a church wedding

St. Michael’s Church on National Road in Wheeling is a lovely parish.

the interior of a catholic church during a wedding. the walls of the church are white while the area behind the altar is red. There are wooden beams exposed on the ceiling.

Emily high-fives Bill (Lisa’s photo).

a bride reaches over and gives her groom a high-five during as they are seated during their wedding ceremonydetail of a bride's hands placing a wedding band on her husband's finger.


bride and groom hold hands and smile at each other at the front of a church while the priest smiles at them at the end of their wedding ceremony

They’re pretty happy about it, too 🙂

a groom raises his fist in the air as he and his bride start to make their way down the aisle of a church at the end of their wedding ceremony

The Flatiron Building

The weather was pretty crappy, but no worries. We went to downtown Wheeling for a photo shoot inside of the historic and beautiful Flatiron Building in downtown Wheeling. Emily’s dad is redeveloping the 120-year-old building so we had the run of the place! Like many old buildings, attention was paid to providing natural light – perfect for pictures.

a bride looks back and smiles at her groom as he embraces her from behind. The wall behind them has peeling green paint. Wedding Photography In West Virginia.two photos: a bride stands in a room with window light while a groom in a black tuxedo looks to the left

On to the Reception

While the cocktail hour went on inside of the mansion at Lawrencefield, the stage was set in the tent outside for the reception. It was tremendous space!

detail photos of a tent with set tables in pink pastel hues with candles and chandeliers. pink rose and geranium centerpieces on a long tables inside of a tent.a two tier wedding cake with gold beads and an overall photo of a tent interior decorated for a wedding. A u-shaped table fills the space while chandeliers illuminate.

Emily and her friends goofing around with a pillow fight while they were inside the B&B freshening up.

a group of laughing women surround a bride while having a pillow fight in a bedroom. Wedding Photography In West Virginia.

I saw this little cubby hole with beautiful light. So I had all of the ladies crowd into it. Fun, huh?

crowded into a small space, a group of women smile and laugh. One in the back holds up her hands showing a peace sign.

The rain stopped for a few minutes so we went out to the barn for a few portraits. That veil, right?!?

standing at the left side of the frame, a bride watches her long veil blow to the right in front of a white barn with red trim. Wedding Photography In West Virginia.

Emily and Bill make their entrance into the reception (Lisa’s photo). It really pays to have a great second shooter.

A bride and groom high-five their guests as they are announced into their wedding reception. Wedding Photography In West Virginia.

Emily was all smiles during the first dance.

A bride smiles broadly at her groom as they dance. Her arm is around his neck.wide shot of a bride and groom dancing on a wooden floor inside of a decorated tent. Chandeliers and strings of twinkle lights illuminate.

Kevin toasts the happy couple.

two photos: a bride and groom sit closely together as they listen to the bride's father (second photo) give a toast.

The action on the dance floor was hot, crowded, and fun!

A woman bends forward while dancing and whips her long hair around.A woman in a pink dress has big eyes and an open mouth as she dances back to back with an older manA man and a woman look to the sky as they face each other and sing along with a song. A man in a bow tie is in the background singing, too.A woman closes her eyes and sings while dancing. Two hands come in from the left side of the frame and point at her. Wedding Photography In West Virginia.two men hold a young girl high up into the air while dancing inside of a tent during a wedding reception.

If you want good photos then you’ve got to get close!

A man in a blue suit and pink bow tie dances with a smiling woman. Their arms are up in the air. Wedding Photography In West Virginia.

A Sweet Ending

A bride leans into her groom as she holds a cookie in the shape of the letter B. They're smiling at the camera. Wedding Photography In West Virginia.Detail photos of desserts B-shaped cookies, white-iced cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with red raspberries on top, vanilla cupcakes with pink icing

Bill and Emily share a kiss at the end of a memorable evening.

Wedding Photography In West Virginia a bride and groom kiss in the foreground while their wedding reception goes on behind them in a tent lit with strings of twinkle lights, candles, and chandeliers.

Thanks folks!

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