Wedding Videography in Pittsburgh a Cinematic Experience

Wedding videography in Pittsburgh: I believe in the power of a still photograph to reveal emotion, feeling and truth.  As our eyes scan a photograph the still image invites us to participate by associating a memory – how you were feeling if you’re a subject in the photo, or through empathy if you’re a viewer – or by simply enjoying the juxtaposition of the elements in the frame.

Part of my job as a news photographer was to shoot and edit video.  It was a response to the challenge brought on by a shift in the way people got their news; logging on to a website instead of reading a newspaper that had been delivered to the door.  The internet allows news organizations to present their information in many different ways, one of which is video.  I enjoy shooting and editing video. Despite the capability of digital cameras to take both still frames and HD video, it is impossible to do both at the same time and do either of them well.

Can you recommend a good videographer?

Many clients ask for a recommendation for a good videographer.  It’s kind of a difficult recommendation for me to make since a video crew that doesn’t work in the same unobtrusive, documentary style that we do can be a hinderance by getting in the way of real moments as they happen.

Rachel Wagner has been working with me for a few years helping with post processing of the thousands of images that we shoot during a wedding season.  She’s a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a Fine Arts degree.  For quite a while now she’s been working on something a bit different in concept from the traditional wedding video.

I’m very excited about what she’s come up with.  It’s a short film with all of the essential elements of the day in a skillfully photographed, edited and custom-crafted piece that is a joy to watch.  Her talents blow me away.

It’s great to have someone on the same team working together to ensure the client gets a collection of still images that tells the story of their day in a powerful way as well as a cinematic experience that engages a whole other part of the viewers’ hearts and minds.

Sample of Rachel’s Work

Here’s a sample video.  It’s kind of a movie trailer from a recent wedding at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum:

Emily & Ryan from Rachel Wagner on Vimeo.

Get In Touch With Entwined Cinema

You can contact Rachel and see more examples of her work by visiting Entwined Cinema‘s website.