Wyndham Grand Wedding

Photos from Stacey and EJ’s Wyndham Grand Wedding in downtown Pittsburgh.

College sweethearts, Stacey and EJ got married at their neighborhood church – the beautiful St. Mary of the Mount – and had their reception at the Wyndham Grand hotel near Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh. That’s the overview. The details are where it gets really good. Both Stacey and EJ are the types of people who care way more about how other folks are feeling or are doing than their own selves. It’s so great to see, and it also shows just how wonderful it was to be around their friends and families because good people are surrounded by other good people. The weather wasn’t the greatest – actually it was a pretty typical late summer/early fall day in Pittsburgh that ranged from hot and muggy to rainy. But that didn’t slow them down at all. Check out the photos:

Shiloh St. is in their neighborhood, so Stacey and EJ wanted a photo there. Traffic was light, so they walked out into the center of the street for a brief kiss:

A groom dips his bride in the middle of Shiloh Street on Mount Washington in Pittsburgh.

Getting Ready

Stacey gets a high-five from one of her bridesmaids as she checks out the results of her hair and makeup at the Wyndham Grand.

Bride high-fives a bridesmaid while looking in the mirror after putting her makeup on before her Wyndham Grand Wedding

Down in the relative quiet of her suite, Stacey takes a moment to straighten out the bottom of her wedding dress as it hangs on the wall.

A bride kneels down to straighten out the hem of her wedding dress hanging in her hotel room.

Meanwhile, EJ was getting ready at home (Lisa’s photo).

A groom rests his foot on the end of his bed as he ties his shoelaces.

Stacey’s super blingy wedding shoes. Pretty amazing, huh?

Closeup photo of a bride holding her silver wedding shoes decorated with crystal flowers.

A bridesmaid holds the chandelier out of the way so Stacey can watch as her hairdresser puts the veil on for her.

A bride looks in the mirror as her hairdresser puts on her veil. The other women in the room smile and one holds aside the chandelier so the bride can see in the mirror.

Off to the Ceremony

There was no sitting in that dress on the way to the church, so Stacey stood as her bridesmaids made sure that she didn’t fall.

Bride stands up in the limo bus on her way to the church. Her bridesmaids keep her steady.

Flower girls and ring bearers wait for the procession to begin.

A young flower girl holds her hand in the air as she waits to go down the aisle with a ring bearer.

Stacey’s bouquet had a touching tribute to her late father.

Closeup of a bride's hands as she holds her bouquet with a cameo photo of her deceased father.

Stacey’s uncle walked her down the aisle. They were silhouetted in the doorway of the church (Lisa’s photo).

Silhouette of a bride and her uncle in the back of St. Mary of the Mount as they wait to walk down the aisle.

Here’s my view from a little closer to the front of the church. You can get a whole different feeling in a photo just by choosing what to expose for.

Bride is all smiles as she walks down the aisle of St. Mary of the Mount.

A flower girl shushes a younger flower girl (Lisa’s photo).

A flower girl holds her finger to her lips as she shushes another flower girl.

EJ gives his bride a wink.

Groom winks at his bride as they sit on the altar during their wedding ceremony.

The lovely bride smiles as she looks out at her guests.

Smiling bride in the foreground and a colorful stained glass window in the background.

Like I said, it was hot in that church!

A flower girl cools herself in the breeze of a fan and a woman in the pews fans herself with a program during a wedding at St. Mary of the Mount in Pittsburgh.A bride and groom hold their hands up in triumph at the end of their wedding ceremony at St. Mary of the Mount in Pittsburgh.

Shots of Fireball were passed around on the limo bus. Now that song is going to be stuck in my head 😀

A woman in a purple dress makes a face after taking a swig of whiskey in the back of a limousine.

Rainclouds approached over top of the buildings of downtown Pittsburgh as we made our way back down Grandview Avenue from the photo session on Shiloh St.

Dramatic storm skies above downtown Pittsburgh as a bride walks in front of her groom who holds her dress up.

The rain meant that outdoor photos were out of the question, so we improvised a photo studio in Stacey and EJ’s suite. We moved some furniture around and found a nice background:

A bride smiles as her groom kisses her on the cheek.

The Reception

Teenaged Stacey seems to approve as the couple shares their first dance.

Bride and groom share their first dance as a video screen shows a photo of the bride as a young girl.

EJ and his sister and brother-in-law look on as Stacey and her mom dance together.

Three people embrace as they watch the bride and her mother dance.

EJ resisted the temptation to smash cake into Stacey’s face. Stacey did not reciprocate. Smart guy, that EJ.

A bride smears icing on her groom's face after they cut their multi-tiered wedding cake.


A bride's dress fans out around her as she spins around on the dancefloor.

A woman and her daughter laugh as they dance at a wedding reception.

Guests of all ages filled the dance floor.

A little, old lady dances with a much larger man who wears a vest and a white shirt during a reception at the Wyndham Grand Wedding.A long-haired groomsman crawls along the dancefloor as the bride laughs and claps at a Wyndham Grand Wedding.A bride and groom dance during their Wyndham Grand Wedding in Pittsburgh.


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