Richard and Mary Ann met over the internet 3 years ago. It’s a story that isn’t so uncommon anymore. I personally know a few people who have met their spouses using the internet. No, I don’t mean mail-order brides or anything like that;-)

The thing that’s unique about Richard and Mary Ann is that they’re 87 and 71-years-old. Both widowed, they met through friends and chatted online before meeting in person. Eventually, Richard asked Mary Ann to marry him. When she said “yes” he sold his home in Yorkshire, England and relocated to West Mifflin.

I’m sure if asked they’d both tell you never to take your mate for granted, and to cherish each day you have together.

I’ve had some fantastic weddings lately and the photos from them are just wonderful. I’ll be updating my website very soon and those pictures will be featured prominently, so stay posted.