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St. Bernard Church in Mt. Lebanon Wedding

bride and groom in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz limousine after their wedding.

Lynne and David had their wedding at the beautiful St. Bernard Church (locals pronounce it like ber-nerd) in Mt. Lebanon.  It’s such a big, beautiful church and I’m used to lots of guests at weddings there.  Lynne and David had just their families and a few close friends with them, but the place was filled with love and happiness.

Afterwards, they took their guests to dinner at their favorite restaurant, The Capital Grille in downtown Pittsburgh.  They treated Lisa and I to a fantastic meal, too!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day:

Lynne says a prayer with Father David before the wedding ceremony. I was respectful of their prayers while taking this photo.  Lynne is very pious, and since her faith is such a significant part of her life I felt it was important element of their story.

a bride says a prayer with a priest before her wedding

David and his dad were next:

a groom and his father pray before his wedding.

Lynne shares a laugh with David’s mom’s husband while she waits for the ceremony to begin:

A bride laughs with her father-in-law before her wedding.

Lynne’s dad hands her off to David at the front of the church:

Father of the bride hands his daughter off to her husband to be.

Spectacular sanctuary of St. Bernard

Father David says a blessing during the mass:

Priest blesses a bride and groom during their wedding mass.

The happy couple make their exit down the aisle:

Happy bride and groom exiting St. Bernard

Lynne and David share a moment while we waited for the family to gather for formal photos at the front of the church:

Bride and groom near the altar of St. Bernard

Details from the St. Bernard Church in Mt. Lebanon wedding:

Details in and around St. Bernard

David and his mom and step-father share a moment after the wedding:

Groom and his parents embrace after his wedding.

A portrait outside of the church:

portrait of a bride and groom beneath the arched walkway outside of St. Bernard

The Capital Grille offers some interesting opportunities for detail photos of the wedding rings:

Wedding rings in the beak of an owl.

Lynne and David cut their cake:

Bride and groom cut their cake at The Capital Grille in downtown Pittsburgh.

Bride and groom kiss after cutting their cake at their wedding reception at The Capital Grille in downtown Pittsburgh.

While their guests finished their dinners, Lynne and David got changed and hit the road for their honeymoon.  Lynne took a little bit of cake with her:)

Bride and groom leave for their honeymoon.

Duquesne University Chapel and Grand Concourse Wedding

Looking back on April and Jamie’s wedding always brings a smile to my face.  You’d be hard pressed to find two people who are as funny, kind and sincere as they are.  We had a great time photographing the wedding and reception – the day flew past.

Weddings in February are a crapshoot in terms of weather, but we got lucky.  I wasn’t too worried, though.  Even if the weather had been horrible the Grand Concourse is a beautiful place for photos.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 001

April and her girls got ready at the Sheraton Station Square, so we started out there:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 002

The big windows on the river side of the hotel provide some beautiful light for portraits.  April looked fantastic:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 003

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 004
Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 005

April’s dad helps tie a half windsor knot.  It’s a handy thing to know how to do:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 006

When we got to the chapel we found out that the florist hadn’t yet arrived with the bouquets.  No bueno, florist:(

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 007

Yay!  She arrived!

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 008

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 009

You’ve got some explaining to do, Miss Florist!

This situation provides a really great lesson. Weddings are complicated, emotional events involving human beings – who are by nature fallible.  Kudos to April for being able to keep things in perspective and focus on what was important – two people deeply in love standing in front of their friends and loved ones while they made a promise to each other.  Really, once it was over it was left in the past.  I don’t think another thought was wasted on the flowers arriving late, and everybody went on to enjoy the day.

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 010

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 011

Waiting to walk down the aisle:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 012

Father McCool has a great sense of humor – April and Jamie thought so, too:)

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 013

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 014

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 015

Wedding rings, or as Father McCool referred to them “The most expensive set of handcuffs you’ll ever see!”  Father James Murphy (right) co-celebrated the ceremony

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 016

I love this shot by my second photographer Lisa Eggleston of April and Jamie lighting the unity candle.

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 017

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 018

A little wink from April:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 019

Jamie gets a hug from his aunt after the ceremony:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 020

It was pleasant outside, so we walked around the Duquesne University campus as we took some portraits:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 021

I told you these two are funny:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 022

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 023

Cristal for everyone!  Or Crystal. Whatever 😛

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 024

Annie O’Neill was with us and she shot this image of April and Jamie practicing their first dance on the Smithfield Street Bridge before the reception:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 025

The happy couple is announced into their reception:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 026

Cake cutting:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 027

Jamie’s niece hit the dance floor with his parents:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 028

Jamie and his mom share a dance:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 029

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 030

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 031

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 032

Last dance:

Duquesne University Chapel Wedding 033

I loved everything about this wedding and feel so grateful to have been a part of the day.

Rachel from Pittsburgh Wedding Cinema was on hand to document the day.  We work together in the same unobtrusive, story-telling manner to provide documentary coverage.  Let me know if you’re interested in adding video to your wedding coverage.  Here’s a short piece that she put together from this Duquesne University Chapel and Grand Concourse Wedding:

April & Jaime from Rachel Wagner on Vimeo.


Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh - November 30, 2013 - 11:52 pm

Great couple to work with. Awesome photos. Great job.

[…] It’s a photo made at a stressful moment during a long day filled with joy, beauty and love. Check out the rest of their images from Duquesne University Chapel and The Grand Concourse here. […]

Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Fearless Photographers Award

Any time contest results are announced I get a funny feeling.  It’s kind of a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  Relief is the best way to describe how it feels when I win a contest.

This is a tough contest.  Out of 13,500 entries only 350 images were given a Fearless Award!

The results for collection 18 of the Fearless Photographers contest were announced this morning and after diving in I found this image from Kate and Drew’s wedding at St. Paul Cathedral had won an award!

Fearless Award

This photo is from when the wedding party lined up to begin their procession down the aisle.  Kate was standing next to the outside door to the church so she’s got light on her while the wedding party was in shadow.  I saw the look of concentration on her face and focused on her using her bridesmaids and groomsmen to frame her.

I’m really glad that the judges chose this quiet moment because I think it tells an important part of the story of Kate and Drew’s wedding day.  More important than being named an award winning Pittsburgh wedding photographer is that Kate and Drew love the image, too.

[…] Kate waits in the narthex of the cathedral as the wedding party begins their walk down the aisle.  I won an award for this one […]

Omni William Penn Wedding | Andrea and Michael

I absolutely love Jewish weddings.  There is such a marvelous energy – you can feel it in the atmosphere.  Following suit, Andrea and Michael’s Omni William Penn wedding was a wonderful whirlwind of a day.  From the bedeken and signing of the ketubah on through the ceremony and reception it was non-stop action.  The landmark art deco Urban Room at the Omni William Penn provided an elegant and timeless atmosphere.

My friend Annie O’Neill joined me again and made some amazing pictures.  I’m so grateful to be able to work with such a talented friend – it pushes me even harder to be as good of a photographer as I can be.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:

Andrea’s mom and Michael’s mom escort Andrea to the bedeken:



Michael shares a laugh with the rabbi while signing the ketubah:


Andrea’s sister wishes her well:


Michael arrives escorted by his dad (left) and Andrea’s dad:


Andrea’s dad gives her a kiss.  What a lovely, emotion-filled moment:



Michael puts the veil over Andrea’s head:


Michael is a really smart guy.  He works with artificial intelligence, so the greeter outside of the ceremony was computer generated.  Nice bow tie:



Andrea joins Michael beneath the chupah:



The glass is broken – Mazel Tov!




Being a winter wedding, it was cold and snowy outside.  So we went down to the beautiful hotel lobby for some portraits:



Andrea and Michael join the reception:



The Horah is my favorite part of the reception.  I love the expressions on the folks being lifted in the chairs:





The couple sits as their friends dance around them:


Andrea’s niece made a jump rope out of napkins and showed off her skills!


First dance:


Towards the end, their parents joined in:



Andrea dances with her dad while Michael and his parents look on:


Michael dances with his mom:








So there you have it.  Another great winter wedding in Pittsburgh!


Longue Vue Club Wedding | Cari and Sims

portrait of a bride and groom on the hill high above the allegheny river

In many ways Cari and Sims’ Longue Vue Club wedding was the perfect way to begin what was a busy winter season.  I’ve said before that I love winter weddings – it just seems that there is a wonderful celebratory feeling to having a wedding outside of the traditional busy season.  That said, Longue Vue Club is a very lovely place to have a wedding at any time of the year.  Everything was coordinated to perfection by my friend Theresa Kaufman – a great event planner.

Cari and Sims are very busy professionals who live in Chicago, so I know that they relied heavily upon Theresa working with Cari’s lovely mom Linda to make the event come to life.  I relied on my buddy James Knox to help me photograph the wedding and, as always, it was wonderful to work with him.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:

The historic stone clubhouse at Longue Vue Club

a bride has her makeup done in the ladie

a groom shares a laugh with his brother before his wedding

Linda helps Cari with her wedding gown:

A bride

Sims and his brother put their ties on as their dad looks on:

groom gets dressed in the men

a bride holds her dress as she walks up a flight of stairs

A groom and his best man cast long shadows as they walk to the over to the ceremony at Longue Vue Club

Cari fights back tears:

a bride fights back tears before her wedding at Longue Vue Club

Cari’s dad Tony keeps her laughing before they head down the aisle:

a bride and her father share a laugh just before her wedding ceremony

a bride and her father walk down the aisle during a wedding in the grand ballroom at longue vue club

a groom whispers to his bride during their wedding ceremony

a bride and groom laugh during their wedding ceremony

It gets dark early in the winter, so we took advantage of the remaining twilight to get a few outdoor portraits.

portrait of a bride and groom outside during a winter wedding

portrait of a bride and groom beneath one of the arches at Longue Vue Club

First dance:

a bride and groom during their first dance

Tony welcomed Sims into the family:

a groom is toasted by the bride

Cari cracks up as Sims makes a speech thanking their guests:

a bride and groom make a speech during their wedding

Parents dances:

a groom dances with his mother while a bride dances with her father during their wedding

Don’t worry, no cake was harmed as a result of their arm wrestling:)

a bride and groom arm wrestle before cutting their cake

a bride and groom dance in the grand ballroom of Longue Vue Club

Tony sat in on drums with the band:

a bride

guests dance during a wedding

Cari and her mom Linda:

a bride and her mother dance during her wedding

a bride and groom dance during their wedding

Theresa and her crew set out luminara candles on the drive in front of the club house.  Beautiful:

luminaria on the drive outside of Longue Vue Club

We had a busy winter, so check back soon for some fresh photos!

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