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Wedding photography at the Succop Conservancy is always a pleasure. It was the perfect place for friends and family from all over the world to gather to celebrate Casey and Stéphane’s wedding.

Bride and groom stand in a field of flowers as the summer sunshine rims them

I grew up less than 10 miles from the place, so it’s definitely home turf for me. It’s one of those places that invites people to relax and be happy in one another’s company. I think it appealed to Casey and Steph because the elegant Civil War-era Marcraig House kind of looks like a French country villa. Which makes sense because Steph is from France.

Here are some details:

details from a wedding include a lace dress, a sign with bride and groom on bicycle with balloons a vintage suitcase with stickers from foreign ports and a beautiful pair of shoes amongst chinese pottery

My favorite hair and makeup artist Justine Lynn made sure that Casey looked fantastic. Having a hair and makeup person come to you is one of the smartest things a bride can do to keep her wedding day stress level low.

makeup artist Justine Lynn applies blush to a bride before a wedding

Meanwhile just across the hall, Steph fixes his hair (Lisa’s photo):

a groom looks in a mirror as he fixes his hair

Sometimes getting into the dress isn’t as easy as it ought to be. Even with the help of bridesmaids:

a bride makes a funny face as she puts her dress on while her bridesmaids help

Steph and his best man, Arthur share a laugh as they get dressed (Lisa’s photo):

a groom and his best man laugh as they get dressed before a wedding

Casey made a stunning bride. So elegant and lovely:

a beautiful bride reclines on a sofa softly lit by sunshine coming through a window

The ring bearer, Alek, closes the door so that the guys don’t see what’s going on over on the other side of the upstairs hall:

a little boy dashes through an old house before a wedding

Casey and flower girl Ava:

a bride smiles while talking to her flower girl prior to her wedding

Casey’s dad Tom walks her down the aisle in front of the house (Lisa’s photo):

bride is escorted by her father in front of a beautiful old mansion where the wedding ceremony will take place

Exchanging rings:

bride and groom laugh as she puts the wedding ring on his finger during their ceremonywedding ceremony in the shade outside of the Marcraig House at Succop Conservancy in Butler County

A wedding always seems to remind those who have been married a long time how it was on their wedding day:

a wedding guest reaches back to hold the hand of her husband as they watch a wedding ceremony

Casey and Steph planted a tree in a pot that they’d later transplant at their new home:

bride and groom plant a tree as part of their wedding ceremony bride and groom raise their hands together as they are introduced as husband and wife

While the guests enjoyed cocktails, the couple and I wandered the grounds together:

portrait of a bride and groom in the cool shade of a tree as seen through leavessilhouette of a bride and groom in the many paned window of an old house

Casey and her grandfather Don after the ceremony:

bride embraces her grandfather after her wedding ceremony

Good friends:

bridesmaids in light green dresses hug a bride after her weddingblack and white portrait of a bride and groom. closeup as she looks at him and he looks at her.

Some more details. Mostly Lisa’s photos because she’s really good at them:

detail photos of a wedding including french pastries, flip-flops for the dance floor, flowers and ice water with raspberries

guests at a wedding grab french pastries from a serving dish

First dance. Lisa’s photo, because she’s really good at that sort of thing, too 😀

bride and groom share their first dance in an outdoor pavilion on a warm summer afternoon

Many tears flowed as Casey’s maid of honor Anna toasted the couple. She’s very sweet:

bride and maid of honor hold hands as the maid of honor offers a toast to the couple

A kiss after the cake cutting:

bride and groom kiss after cutting their wedding cake during their outdoor reception

Bridesmaids Sara and Kate with a little guy on the dance floor:

a bridesmaid makes funny faces at a little baby wearing a helmet to shape his head during a wedding reception

No dimly-lit dance floor for these folks. They packed the floor even though it was bright out:

a bride and her friends dance a funny dance together during the wedding receptionan older lady smiles and rests her head as she dances with her son during a wedding receptionbride and groom dance together beneath the roof of an outdoor pavilion where they summertime wedding reception was held

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    Great honest work : )

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    Fantastic shots! This wedding definitely looks like it was a fun time!

For me, one of the best things about being a photojournalist in Pittsburgh is that my camera is kind of a golden ticket into some pretty noteworthy events. Sometimes it’s a reason to bear witness for a couple on their wedding day, sometimes it’s a sporting event like the Super Bowl, and other times it’s a chance to be up close to world leaders.

US President Barack Obama runs on to stage in front of giant American flag during a visit to the Community College of Allegheny County West Hills Center. As a photojournalist in Pittsburgh, sometimes I get to photograph cool things like a visit from the leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

Yesterday was one of those days. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden came to the Pittsburgh area to talk about education and job training initiatives. So there I was in the White House photo pool as Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden were given a tour of the mechatronics program. President Obama joked that the program, “Sounds like something Godzilla would be fighting.” but he said he was impressed by the students who showed him around the facility that teaches them how to repair and make parts for complex machinery.President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are given a tour of the Community College of Allegheny County West Hills Center. This photojournalist in Pittsburgh was with the national traveling press as the president and vice president toured CCAC.As a photojournalist in Pittsburgh I got up close as US President Barack Obama gestures with his left hand as he gives a speech at the Community College of Allegheny County West Hills Center near Pittsburgh, PA.



couple stands amidst pink streamers for a dramatic portrait shot

Just one look at the photo above and you can see that Emily and Ryan’s Pittsburgh Children’s Museum wedding was filled with color.

In fact, The Children’s Museum really was the perfect place for Emily and Ryan to express the unique vision they had for their wedding which was both fun and non-traditional. You’ll see this in the photos on this post. I crack up every time I look at Lisa’s photo of Ryan goofing around as he and his friends got ready at their home:

a bride and a groom get ready for their wedding. the groom strikes a Conan the Barbarian pose.

Separate portraits of a bride and a groom before their wedding

Ryan watches as Emily walks down the aisle in the older section of the museum, which was once the Allegheny City Post Office (Lisa’s photo):

a groom watches as his bride walks down the aisle to him during their wedding ceremonya bride smiles and laughs as her parents escort her down the aisle towards her groom during their wedding ceremony

Ryan and Emily exchange vows:

A groom looks at his bride as they exchange wedding vows

Lisa’s photo below:

A bride smiles at her groom during a wedding ceremonya bride and groom share their first kiss as husband and wife

Ryan stomped on the glass about 5 times, just to make sure 😀

a groom breaks the glass in the jewish tradition during a wedding

I love the look on Emily’s face as she and Ryan were introduced as husband and wife:

a bride and groom are announced as husband and wife. pink streamers hang above them as they smile.

One of my all-time favorite recessional photos:

a groom kisses his bride on the hand as they exit from their wedding ceremony

The area around the museum is great for portraits, so we took a short walk. The steps to the Carnegie Library were our first stop:

portrait of a bride and groom near the andrew carnegie free library on the north side of pittsburgh

Then we went over to the “Cloud Arbor” sculpture. The fine mist that comes out of the standing pipes was turned off that evening, although it might have felt good on that hot summer evening.

a bride and groom stand in between silver poles that are a part of a sculpture on the north side of pittsburgh

The couple is greeted by an enthusiastic group of friends:

a bride and groom are enthusiastically greeted as they walk towards their friends.

Some details:

wedding details including candies, macaroons, day of the dead bride and groom figures and flowersdetails from a wedding including jelly bean seating card wedding favors, cupcakes, flowers and a glass that is to be broken in the jewish tradition at the end of a wedding ceremony

Their first dance was to Guns ‘n Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine”

a bride and groom dance their first dance together

Emily’s dad, Lee gave a very funny speech:

father of the bride gives a humorous speech with large graphic elements in the photo

Ryan doesn’t often wear a tie, so that got called out in Lee’s speech:

a groom holds his tie up so that everyone can see

Ryan’s mom was next up with a very lovely and moving speech:

a bride and groom hug the mother of the groom


a groom gestures triumphantly after cutting the wedding cake

Parent’s dances in the Big Red Room:

a bride dances with her father beneath a huge chinese lanterna groom dances with his mother during his wedding reception

The Hora is always a lot of fun!

a bride and groom are raised up on chairs as the hora is dancedmother of the bride is held up on a chair as the wedding guests dance the hora

parents of the groom are held up on chairs during the hora dance

The dance floor was packed for the rest of the evening:

friends hold hands as they dance during a wedding receptiontattooed wedding female wedding guesta groom dances with his friends during his weddinga long haired woman dances wildlya bride and groom dance with their guests during their wedding

There was a Skyblast night at PNC Park which provided a fitting backdrop at the end of a wonderful evening:

a bride and groom with fireworks during their wedding reception

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    Beautiful. It looks like you had a great time.

Julia and Steve were one of the first couples to have their wedding reception in the new grand ballroom at the Wyndham hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. So this post featuring their Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Wedding is kind of historic in its own way:)

A few months before the wedding we got together for an engagement portrait session. After spending a couple of hours with Julia and Steve, I knew that their wedding would be a great time! Julia is energetic, enthusiastic and stylish while Steve is a laid back guy with a very positive attitude. Since they live out of town it was great to have the opportunity to get to know each other a little before the wedding day. That’s one of the big benefits to doing engagement portraits.

Here are Julia and Steve in the street market along Penn Avenue in the Strip District:

bride and groom embrace during a portrait in the strip district in pittsburgh PA

Julia shows her dress off to her bridesmaids:

bridesmaids react to seeing beautiful bride in her wedding gown

Steve and the guys were already at St. Stanislaus in the Strip District (Lisa’s photo):

groom and groomsmen clown around in front of St. Stanislaus church in the strip district of Pittsburgh PA

The flower girls were so cute!

bride points at cute flower girls

Julia gets a look at the back of her gown in a mirror at the Wyndham:

bride looks into a mirror at the wyndham grand hotel in pittsburgh

Steve’s dad helps him get ready (Lisa’s photo):

groom gets a watch from his father

There was a Furry convention in town that weekend!

bridal party poses for a picture with a group of curries

Julia and her mom share a moment before heading over to the church:

bride and her mother share a tearful embrace

Julia gave her dad a kiss on the cheek before he walked her down the aisle:

bride kisses her father on the cheek

The flower girls doing their job (Lisa’s photo):

flower girls walk down the aisle at St. Stanislaus catholic church in the strip district of Pittsburgh PA

St. Stan’s is a beautiful church:

couple gets married at St. Stanbride and groom are introduced after being pronounced man and wife at St. Stanislaus catholic church in Pittsburghhappy married couple outside of st. stan

We had a great time walking around the Strip District for portraits after the wedding:

bride and groom pose for a portrait in the Strip district of Pittsburghportrait of a bride in front of a mural in the strip district of pittsburgh pa

The wedding party got a little thirsty, so we stopped for some refreshments:

bride and groom toast with shots at a bar with their bridal partybride and groom walk down penn avenue in the strip district of pittsburgh

More toasts. This time in the limo on the way to the Wyndham:

bride and groom toast in a limousine

It’s ginger ale:)

flower girl joins in a toast to bride and groom

Point State Park is a great place for portraits, so we took a quick moment before heading into the hotel:

bridal party portrait in point state park

Julia and Steve had a receiving line at the cocktail hour:

bride greets her guests at a weddingbride and groom with funny reactions as they cut their cake

Steve’s sisters watch as the couple cuts the cake:

bridesmaids smile and applaud first dance

Julia and her mom embraced after her mom removed Julia’s wedding veil:

bride embraces her mother

Steve danced with his mom while Julia and Steve’s dad watched:

bride and father-in-law hug as groom dances with his mother

Julia and her dad were up next. The windows in the grand ballroom provided a beautiful backdrop:

bride and her father dance during her weddingbride dances with her guests

After a quick change into her reception dress, Julia was back on the dance floor:

crazy dancing at a wedding reception

Anniversary dance:

anniversary dance during a wedding reception at the wyndham grand hotel in pittsburghbride laughs during her receptionbride and groom dance during their reception

Such a great evening!



  • ReginaandPaul McGlynn - March 27, 2014 - 4:21 pm

    Beautiful couple!!!!! Wishing them many years of happiness. Very glad we could be a part of their special day.

  • Chris Werner - March 27, 2014 - 5:14 pm

    Joe, these are awesome!

  • Paulette Midlick Mahon - March 28, 2014 - 12:29 am

    Love my cousins so much!! What a wonderful wedding!!

  • Phyllis M. Riley - March 28, 2014 - 12:48 am

    Beautiful pictures of your special day

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    WOW!! What beautiful pictures and memories.

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    Beautiful pictures, Mary! I love the ones of you and Julia! Thanks for sharing.

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    These photos are awesome!

I belong to a couple of organizations that promote excellence in wedding photography and professional standards. Both organizations hold contests to showcase the best wedding photography in the world.

I’m pleased to say that in the last round of contests two of my images have been chosen as winners.

In the latest Fearless Photographers contest this image from April and Jamie’s wedding was one of 203 images selected out of thousands entered from all over the world :

best pittsburgh wedding photography

It’s a photo made at a stressful moment during a long day filled with joy, beauty and love. Check out the rest of their images from Duquesne University Chapel and The Grand Concourse here.

This image from Kim and Jim’s wedding took a 9th place in the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers winter 2013 contest:

award winning wedding photography

I saw the opportunity to make this image when I scouted out the reception room at Lingrow Farm before anyone else got there. There was a good chance that the elements wouldn’t come together and this photo would be a bust, so I had my second photographer position herself on the other side of the cake to get the safe shot. The ability to swing for the fence when I see the chance for a special photo is made possible by working with a trusted teammate. Here’s a link to more images from this wedding.

It’s always an honor to have images selected by my peers as award winning wedding photography. I am so grateful to my clients for their trust in me and for allowing me the opportunity to make photographs for them that have meaning to them.

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