Armstrong Farms Wedding

The picture perfect outdoor summer wedding in Pennsylvania took place at Armstrong Farms’ Westminster Preserve. The day was fabulous and everyone was so happy to be there for Kristin and Pat’s Armstrong Farms wedding. The couple have been together for a long time so people were glad to help them celebrate their wedding. Both Kristin and Pat’s families are from New York City, so it was a special treat – and a big change of pace – for them to spend a day in the peaceful and lovely countryside of Butler County.

A bride holds hands with her groom while walking in front of him on the top of a hill with a blue sky behind them during their Armstrong Farms Wedding. She looks back at him.

Getting Ready Onsite

Kristin got ready in the Bonnie House. One of the best things about Armstrong Farms is that everything is on site, which means all of the stress that comes from getting everybody from one place to another is non-existent.

A woman laughs as she has her hair done in a farmhouse room before her Armstrong Farms Wedding. She is framed by the back of a woman on the right and a mirror on the left. She is wearing a white tank top with spaghetti straps.

Kristin and Pat’s terrier Bernie was always going to be a big part of the day. He’s so spoiled 🙂

Seen from above, a terrier sticks his tongue out as he eats a crumb of a muffin offered by his owner.

Matron of honor Lauren has a look at her beautiful daughter Elaina, who served as a flower girl. I love this photo of these two.

A mother holds her young daughter's face gently in both of her hands after dressing her in a white lace dress. The child looks down and smiles during an Armstrong Farms Wedding.

A basket of wine with tags telling the couple when to crack them open.

two photos: a brown sign with the bride and groom's name on it. A box with several bottles of wine each with a label for when the bottle should be opened.

Outdoor weddings mean you’ve got to be prepared for unwanted guests.

two photos: a table with hand fans and insect repellent wipes. Frosted glass king and queen pieces from a chess set with a couple's wedding rings atop them.

Kristin pets Bernie while Lauren helps her with her shoes. Bernie’s bow tie was a big hit.

A bride sits on a bed in a brightly lit bedroom while a red-headed maid of honor puts her shoe on her. She reaches to the right and pets her dog, a small terrier before her Armstrong Farms Wedding.

The bridesmaids like what they see. It’s a great idea to have a first look with your girls.

Bridesmaids look approvingly on a bride after she got her wedding dress on before her Armstrong Farms Wedding. The photo is shot over the bride's shoulder.

The ladies stand together on the porch outside of the Bonnie House.

A bride in white and her bridesmaids hold their arms around each other as they stand outside during an Armstrong Farms Wedding. The photo is shot from behind.

Kristin chooses a ring to wear as something borrowed, and blue.

Closeup of hands two of which are trying on rings and the other pair holding a selection of rings.

First Look and Portraits

Kristin is hilarious! This is one of my favorite photos of the year 😀

Two photos: a groom waits as his bride walks from behind for their first look before their Armstrong Farms Wedding. The second photo shows the bride raising her arm and making a funny face behind the unknowing groom.Two photos: A groom wearing a tan vest and a blue shirt stands with his hand in his pocket as he looks to the left where his bride holds on to his other arm and laughs. The second photo shows them embracing in front of a split rail fence with a field of high grass behind it.

Some portraits after the first look.

two photos: a groom wearing a tan vest and a blue shirt stands behind his bride who is wearing a white dress with straps and a plunging neckline. He kisses her on the neck as she laughs. The second photo shows more of the same but the bride is bending further to the right and laughing louder during their Armstrong Farms Wedding.

Outdoor Ceremony

The guys wait at the top of the hill before walking down to the ceremony site.

A groom stands at the top of a hill with three groomsmen. The groom holds the leash of his terrier as the dog strains against it.

Elaina and her sister Adrianna were about the cutest flower girls ever.

Two young girls wearing white dresses and shoes walk down a hill while carrying flowers during an Armstrong Farms Wedding.

Kristin walks to the ceremony with her dad Chuck.

Seen from behind them, a bride and her father walk down a grassy hill towards a pond with a small shelter in front of it. The guests are standing awaiting her arrival to her Armstrong Farms Wedding.

Bridesmaid Amy did double duty as officiant.

Long shot of a bride and groom exchanging vows in front of a small shelter in a field by a pond at an Armstrong Farms Wedding.

Kristin and Pat exchange vows.

Closer photo of a groom wearing tan pants and vest along with a blue shirt puts a wedding ring on his bride, who stands at left during their Armstrong Farms Wedding.

A bride and groom hold hands after exchanging wedding vows during their Armstrong Farms Wedding. The bride looks out at her guests and laughs. Maid of honor wearing a blue dress and holding a bouquet of sunflowers looks on at left. Groomsman wearing blue pants and vest looks on at right.

The couple’s fathers gave the couple a standing ovation as Bernie led them away after the ceremony.

A bride and groom walk down an aisle between chairs set in a field by a pond after their Armstrong Farms Wedding. The groom is holding a leash as their terrier leads them.

White dresses and dirty paws aren’t a good mix.

A terrier leaps into the air at the end of a leash as a bride bends to avoid his dirty paws.

Everybody loves Kristin.

A bride smiles as she stands surrounded by her bridesmaids who are hugging her at an Armstrong Farms Wedding. One bridesmaid kisses her on her cheek.A bride at an Armstrong Farms Wedding smiles as she stands with three groomsmen wearing blue vests and checkered shirts. One groomsman rests his head on the shoulder of another groomsman.

The Barn at Westminster Preserve

The interior of the barn was decorated in a rustic, but elegant fashion with sunflowers and lanterns.

two photos: detail photo of a seating chart written with paint marker on the panes of a 3 over 4 window backed by burlap. The other photo is an overall of a lovely decorated interior of a barn with tables and centerpieces set for an Armstrong Farms Wedding.

Pie was on the menu instead of cake. The New York guests learned about one of Pittsburgh’s best traditions – the Cookie Table.

two photos: a silhouette of a cake topper that shows an arrow going through a K and a P with a heart in the middle. The other photo is a table of cookies displayed on a tower made of tree stumps during an Armstrong Farms Wedding.

The guests enjoyed lawn games.

Two women play cornhole on a green lawn during an Armstrong Farms Wedding. The woman who just threw lifts her foot into the air while wearing a red dress.

And fishing at the pond, too.

two photos: an attractive blond woman wearing a blue dress holds a fish that she just caught. The other photo shows her fishing with her boyfriend as they are reflected in a pond.

Kristin and Pat have their first dance surrounded by the bridal party.

Bride wearing white and groom wearing a tan vest and blue shirt dance close together while their guests surround them.Closer photo of a bride and groom smiling at each other while they have their first dance at their Armstrong Farms Wedding.

Lauren gave a moving speech.

Two photos: a bride and groom sit at a table near the door of a barn. The bride holds her hand to her face as she shows emotion while the woman in the second photo gives a speech.

While the groomsmen had a good time with Pat.

Two photos: two groomsmen stand and give a toast to a groom. In the second photo the groom laughs while holding his hand to his forehead. He's seated with his bride at a table in the doorway of a barn.

That was followed by the parent’s dances.

Bride dances with her father - both of them smiling. In the background the groom dances with his mom.

As the sun went down in the western sky it illuminated the dancefloor with the most amazing light. This is the sort of thing that gets a photographer excited!

A couple wearing sunglasses dance close together while illuminated by a shaft of sunlight in an otherwise dark barn.Bride and groom dance together in a barn as sun streams through the open door.A beautiful asian woman smiles as she dances with her date. The sunlight illuminates her face in a pleasing way.A woman is illuminated by a shaft of golden sunlight while she dances with her hands in the air and her fingers splayed.

Things got heated on the dance floor. One guest knew how to cool things down!

A bald man yells as he pours a bottle of water over his head while dancing in a barn. The sunlight is behind him and the water droplets shine as they spray off of his head.


While the craziness continued on the dance floor we stepped out for a few portraits at sunset.

A bride and groom embrace while rimlit by the evening sunlight. The bride laughs and the groom looks at her and smiles.

The barn at Westminster Preserve dates from 1862.

The interior of a barn glows with orange tungsten light as the deep blue sky provides the backdrop. There is a red-roofed silo to the left of the barn.Two photos: A bride wearing a white dress stands next to a split rail fence with her hands on her hips as the sun sets behind her. The second photo is a groom wearing a tan vest and blue shirt leaning against the railing of a porch as he is lit by the evening sun.

Family photo with the fur baby.

A bride laughs as she and her groom hold their terrier in a family photo.

Chuck was on the dance floor all night long. He’s such a nice guy.

Two women dance with their arms out in front of them while a man wearing a tan suit looks down and holds his hands in front of him as he dances.A woman in a blue dress does a move called the lawn sprinkler with one hand behind her head and the other outstretched.

They were an expressive group 😀

With two women intently facing each other on the edges of the frame a bride and groom dance in the middle.Seen through the outstretched arm of a woman wearing a bare shouldered dress, a bride makes a funny face while dancing.

Last dance:

With the twinkle lights in the background and chinese lanterns in the background, a bride smiles as she wraps her hands around her groom while they dance.

Another Armstrong Farms Wedding that was a joy to be a part of. Many thanks to Kristin whose infectious smile and laughter set the tone for the day, and Pat for being such a kind-hearted, generous host.

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