Any time contest results are announced I get a funny feeling.  It’s kind of a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  Relief is the best way to describe how it feels when I win a contest.

This is a tough contest.  Out of 13,500 entries only 350 images were given a Fearless Award!

The results for collection 18 of the Fearless Photographers contest were announced this morning and after diving in I found this image from Kate and Drew’s wedding at St. Paul Cathedral had won an award!

Fearless Award

This photo is from when the wedding party lined up to begin their procession down the aisle.  Kate was standing next to the outside door to the church so she’s got light on her while the wedding party was in shadow.  I saw the look of concentration on her face and focused on her using her bridesmaids and groomsmen to frame her.

I’m really glad that the judges chose this quiet moment because I think it tells an important part of the story of Kate and Drew’s wedding day.  More important than being named an award winning Pittsburgh wedding photographer is that Kate and Drew love the image, too.