Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Rachael and Joe: photos by a Connecticut Wedding Photographer.

Bride and groom smile at one another as they sit on a stone wall in Watertown Connecticut

Sometimes it’s funny how things work out. The internet offers such a wide variety of choices and ideas that you just never know how people find what they’re looking for. Let’s see if I can remember how it came about that Rachael got in touch with me about photographing her wedding in Connecticut last summer. Rachael contacted me to say that she had been searching online for someone who worked in a photojournalistic style to photograph her wedding. She was in school in New Jersey finishing up her masters degree, and in the time she wasn’t working on her degree she was planning her wedding. She was taken by the photos that were on the front page of my website at the time and loved how they told the story of the couple in a natural, honest way.

Destination Wedding

It wasn’t too long before she realized that the bride in the photos was a former teammate of hers and Joe’s on the University of Connecticut track team. Small world, right? I absolutely LOVE this sort of stuff 🙂

Anyway, while looking around for someone close to home whose work was similar, Rachael found that she kept on coming back to my photos. So finally Joe suggested that she contact me to see if I’d be available to photograph their wedding in her home town of Watertown, CT. I was extremely flattered and delighted to work with them. Destination weddings are a great way to see things with fresh eyes. I do several a year – New York (twice), Washington D.C., and West Virginia were the other places I traveled to photograph weddings last year.

Exploring Watertown

I arrived in plenty of time to scout locations the day before the wedding. But first I visited Dottie’s Diner, the best donut place in Connecticut. I do my research, folks 😉

While we’d talked on the phone a few times, we hadn’t met in person. I really didn’t know what either Rachael or Joe looked like. As a result I was a little bit nervous while waiting at the chapel for the wedding rehearsal to begin when I saw this very tall, fit young couple walking towards me. The woman was absolutely stunning in a short white dress and high heels. The guy with her looked like he could crush bricks with his bare hands. I guess my camera gave me away because they walked right up to me and introduced themselves. My nervousness immediately melted away when they both gave me a big hug and told me how excited they were for the weekend. I was welcomed by both of their families and made to feel like an old friend.

Getting Ready

Rachel had her hair done at Angela’s Hair Depot.

a beautiful young woman smiles as a stylist sprays her hair

Before getting dressed, Joe read a letter that Rachael sent him (Photo by Sherry)

a groom smiles as he reads a letter from his bride to be

Following the hair portion of the morning the ladies moved over to Pinup Hair & Makeup Studio.

a bride is reflected three times in makeup mirrors at a salon

The guys helped each other get their formal wear on (Photo by Sherry)

a group of young men help each other get their formal wear on before a wedding

Rachael’s mom Cathy was so taken by the beauty of her daughter.

a bride's mom reaches out and caresses her face before a wedding

It was a lovely moment. Lots of emotion here, folks 🙂

a bride smiles as she cries while standing on the front porch of her family home

The Ceremony at Woodward Chapel

The ceremony took place just a couple of blocks from Rachael’s parent’s home at the historic Woodward Chapel (Photo by Sherry)

Exterior photo of the historic Woodward Chapel in Watertown Connecticut

Joe and the guys kept the mood light as they waited for the guests to arrive (Photo by Sherry)

a groom makes a goofy face as he waits for guests to arrive for his wedding

Rachael heads down the stairs after getting her dress on.

a bride walks down the stairs at her parent's home

Rachael’s sister Paige helps her with her shoes while their dog Tilly crowded in.

a bride pets her old labrador retriever as her sister helps her to put on her shoes in the doorway of their family home

Rachael sticks her tongue out at Joe as her father Jeff joins their hands together.

bride sticks her tongue out at her groom as her father presents her at the front of the church

Photo by Sherry.

wide angle photo of the interior of the Woodward Chapel at the Taft School in Watertown Connecticutgroom smiles at his bride during their wedding ceremony

Rachael blows a kiss to their guests. Wanda Chiles was the officiant and she was wonderful to work with.

bride blows a kiss to her guests during her wedding ceremony

bride and groom hold hands as they say their vows at the front of the Woodward Chapel in Watertown ConnecticutBride and groom smile as they walk out of the church after their wedding in Watertown Connecticut

Reception at the Taft School

Following the wedding, the reception was held at The Taft School, which is nearby. The grounds were beautiful and the dining hall looked like something out of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

Black eyed susan flowers bloom in the foreground as a bride and groom embrace outside of the Taft School in Watertown Connecticutbride and groom walk down a path together at the Taft School in Watertown Connecticut

First dance.

bride and groom dance together at the Taft School in Watertown CT

I love the look on Jeff’s face as he danced with his daughter.

father smiles as he dances with his daughter during her wedding reception

Joe danced with his mother, Danette.

groom and his mother dance together

Joe and Rachael were so moved by the toast of Paige, the maid of honor, and Chris, the best man.

bride and groom cry as they listen to toasts from their best man and maid of honor

The dance floor was filled the entire evening (Photo by Sherry)

guests dance during a Connecticut Wedding

Rachel and her father-in-law Joe (Photo by Sherry)

Bride and her father-in-law dance together during her wedding reception

These guys had a great time!

wedding guests dance and sing during a wedding reception in connecticut

Photo by Sherry.

bride and groom dance during their wedding reception in Connecticut

Rachael and Joe’s friends picked them up on their shoulders. A great end to the evening!

Bride and groom raise their hands high in the air as they are lifted up on the shoulders of their guestsWhat a wonderful adventure! I’m so grateful to Rachael and Joe for having us photograph their wedding. I can’t wait to see them this summer!