Award Winning Wedding Photography

I’m part of a group of photographers who are committed to doing things in a way that defies ordinary conventions when it comes to wedding photography. The idea is to make people stop in their tracks and say “Whoa, that’s different!” So it kind of makes sense that the name of the group is Fearless photographers. Check out that site to see more award winning wedding photography.

I’m proud to be listed with the very fine photographers on that site.  Images on Fearless photographers are the result of a contest from which only the top 10% of entries are shown.  The competition is pretty fierce, so when the results of the latest round were announced today I was thrilled to have one of my images make the grade.

Best Wedding Photographer in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

The Photo

It’s an image from Whitney and Jamal’s wedding this past January.  Jamal’s brother Bertram wanted to make sure that he was the one to catch the garter!

Why It Won

There are a number of factors at play when it comes to winning a wedding photography contest. I’ve judged my share of them, so I know a little about what makes an award winning wedding photo. Judges go through thousands of images so it has to be eye-catching. There has to be something that makes the judge want to keep looking at it even after it’s made the initial cut. Here is where the basics of moment, lighting and composition come in. It’s got to have at least one of those things to get noticed. To pass on to the next round the picture is probably going to need two of those elements working together.

The season has started and I’m going through photos from Alexis and Andy’s wedding on Saturday.  I’ll have a post ready soon, so please check back.