Holy moly it’s been a busy fall! I’ve been hunkered down editing photos and designing wedding albums. As a result, updating the website and social media gets pushed to the side. But I’m all caught up so those things are gonna get taken care of. We’ll start with Sarah and Jeff’s wedding in Fox Chapel.

Fox Chapel Wedding

Like so many weddings over the last couple of years the pandemic made Sarah and Jeff change their plans. What was originally a bigger wedding with a reception at Aspinwall Riverfront Park became an intimate ceremony with family and close friends gathering at Sarah’s parents’ house for dinner. What didn’t change was the genuine excitement and heartfelt emotions that the day brought.

a bride and groom embrace while standing on a bed of fallen leaves

Getting Ready

Wedding dress, diamond earrings on a blue velvet bag and a bride's sparkly high heels.

Here’s where I tell you that I’ve been friends with Sarah for years. She’s an incredibly kind, open and generous person who is an absolute blast to be with. I admire her so much and was super excited when she asked me to photograph her wedding.

black and white image of a woman putting on earrings.

Sarah got ready in the Rector’s office at Christ Church in Fox Chapel. The church is one of those places that you won’t find unless you’re looking for it. It sits on top of a hill surrounded by trees and is as secluded and lovely as it sounds.

Two women laugh as they help a bride get dressed.

Sarah’s mom Amy and sister Emily were having a blast helping her get ready. They laugh a LOT! 😂

Women laugh as they sit on the floor while helping a bride put on her heels.

Even putting shoes on is fun!

Three groomsmen wear masks personalized with the bride and groom's names.

This being the time of COVID masks are a fact of life. Especially in churches. The couple had personalized masks made for the bridal party and guests.

A mother hugs her daughter while her father looks on before a wedding.

Amy gives Sarah a hug as her dad Jeff looks on.

A bride walks down a red carpeted staircase while her dad waits for her.

Sarah fights back tears as she walks down the stairs and sees her dad waiting for her. She’s full-on ugly crying in the next photo in this sequence. It was a really touching moment but we’re friends so that one stays private 😭

Ceremony at Christ Church

A groom watches as his bride walks down the aisle. A bride and her dad link arms before heading down the aisle.

Jeff smiles as he sees Sarah and her dad getting ready to head down the aisle.

A bride and groom smile at each other while sitting in the first pew at a church.

Not all of the action at a wedding takes place on the altar. I always keep my eyes open for moments outside of the main events.

A bride smiles as she exchanges vows with her groom.

Exchanging vows.

A bride puts a ring on the finger of her groom during their wedding ceremony.

A bride and groom kiss to seal their wedding vows during their Fox Chapel wedding at Christ Church.

Celebrating the marriage with a kiss!

A bride and groom at the front of a church.

A bride hugs her dad while her sister reaches out for the grooms hand.

Stopping on the way out to greet family.

A bride and groom walk down the red carpeted aisle of a church at the end of their wedding.

They look so happy!

A bride and groom pause to kiss after their wedding at Christ Church in Fox Chapel.

A bride and groom embrace after their wedding ceremony.

A bride's sister gives her a hug after her wedding.

Emily congratulates Sarah with a big hug.

Portraits in Fox Chapel

Portrait of a bride on a stairway.

It’s beautiful inside of the church. So while guests made their way out we took the time to do some portraits on the stairs.

A smiling bride poses for a portrait.

A bride stands next to a large window on a stairway.

So elegant!

A bride and groom stand together in a leaf-covered forest.

Once everyone had left we headed over to Trillium Trail (what a great name!) for some more portraits. Sarah looked super stylish in her favorite black leather jacket worn over her wedding dress!

A groom kisses his bride's cheek as they stand by a stream in a forest.

How about Jeff’s tuxedo? I love the paisley pattern in the fabric!

A bride kisses her groom on the forehead.

It was late fall so the leaves were already off of the trees. But the color was still there. I just had to get up higher than the couple to get it into the photo.

A bride and groom throw leaves into the air.

A groom helps his bride cross a stream on stepping stones.

Sarah and Jeff were good sports when I said, “let’s walk across the stream.” Worth it, right?

A bride poses for a portrait on a stepping stone in a forest stream.

Intimate Wedding Reception at Home

wedding guests gather around as the bride's father makes a toast to the couple.

After portraits we joined the rest of the guests at Sarah’s parents’ home. Her dad Jeff toasted the couple. Also, Sarah changed into a white, long-sleeved dress for the rest of the evening. Because why not?!!

A bride and groom cut their wedding cake.

A bride and groom embrace. The bride wears a short, white dress.

Thanks guys! I’m so grateful to you and happy for you! I’ve said it elsewhere but it’s worth repeating that small, intimate weddings rock! There’s no reason that they have to be any less fabulous than a big wedding. In fact, you can concentrate your resources on the things that matter most, like an excellent meal, fantastic flowers, or a great photographer! The point is, if anything positive in the wedding world has come out of the pandemic it’s that folks realize that they can have whatever size wedding that they want. You’re still celebrating the most important things: love, family and friends.