A bride and groom stand in on a wooded path. She's wearing a light blue dress and he's wearing a gray sport coat.

Alex and Steve had an outdoor intimate wedding at Steve’s parent’s home and it was wonderful. Since the pandemic began couples have been rethinking whether they can — or even want to — have a large celebration. Alex and Steve decided that they didn’t want to wait to plan their wedding until a time when there were no restrictions. Luckily they had the perfect spot available to them with an expansive and beautiful back yard expertly landscaped by Steve’s mom.

Outdoor Intimate Wedding

Rain drops hang from a birch branch. An outdoor bistro light with glistening raindrops on it.

Late spring means that it’s probably going to be wet at some time during the day. No worries, the rain stopped by the time the wedding began.

A bride in a light blue dress with a bow in the back taps her groom on the shoulder during their first look.

Alex tapped Steve on the shoulder get him to turn around for his first look.

A bride and groom kiss in the living room of his parent's home.

A bride laughs as she and her groom greet their guests in the kitchen of his parent's house during their intimate wedding.

After the first look the couple met their guests who were waiting in the kitchen.


A bride and groom pose for a portrait at the front door of his parent's house at their outdoor intimate wedding.

We didn’t have to go far for portraits. There were lovely spots all around so we just walked to the front of the house. How about Alex’s dress? When I put the photos on Instagram the reaction was overwhelming. It makes me think that there are a lot of brides who’d love to wear something other than a white dress. I say if that’s what you want then go for it!

Portraits of a bride wearing a blue dress and holding a small bouquet and a groom in a gray sport coat during their outdoor intimate wedding.

I don’t want to shortchange Steve here. He’s a pretty stylish guy, too.


Detail photos of a long banquet table set up on a screen porch during an outdoor intimate wedding. A long dinner table is set up in a screened porch. Detail photos of a cookie table and a small wedding cake with flowers in the icing.

Backyard weddings like this intimate outdoor wedding don’t mean that things need to be plain. In fact it’s just the opposite. Like Alex and Steve you can make things super personal. One of the touches I especially liked was the Pennsylvania and New York shaped sugar cookies. They live in New York City but Steve grew up in the North Hills while Alex grew up in New York. The brownies aren’t taking sides 😉


A bride in a blue dress smiles as she shows a small girl her bouquet.

Alex showed her bouquet to her niece just before the ceremony began.

An outdoor intimate wedding ceremony takes place under a chuppah.

✔ One of my goals was to get a photo that showed everyone who was there.

A bride laughs with her head back as she and her groom exchange vows during their outdoor intimate wedding.

The couple wrote their own vows. They were poignant, poetic and funny!

A bride and groom exchange vows during their outdoor intimate wedding.

A bride reaches to kiss her groom at the end of their intimate backyard wedding.

A hug and a kiss after Steve smashed the glass!

A bride and groom kiss underneath an outdoor chuppah.


A bride and groom embrace during their outdoor intimate wedding.

Detail photos of a bride and groom's fancy shoes and their signature drinks.

Some of the fun details were the couple’s shoes and their signature drinks.

A table full of pizzas for dinner at a backyard wedding.

Pizza for dinner! Driftwood Oven brought their mobile pizza oven up and it was terrific!

A bride and groom cut their cake on the screened back porch of the groom's parent's house.

How about that cake? Isn’t it beautiful?

A bride and groom at a banquet table filled with their guests are lit by candles.

The banquet table was set up on the back porch. It was intimate and just a wonderful atmosphere as the daylight waned and the candlelight provided the light.

A bride's father gives a toast as the bride and guests laugh.

Father of the bride speeches are always fun. Dads save that stuff up for years 😄

Closeup photo of a bride and groom holding hands across their banquet table lit by candles during their outdoor intimate wedding.

Thanks for taking a look at this beautiful outdoor intimate wedding. I think that these sorts of weddings are going to continue to be popular even as we (hopefully) put the pandemic behind us. And why not? They’re a wonderful, personal low-stress way to have a wedding.