Pittsburgh Athletic Association Wedding

Susie and Guido’s Pittsburgh Athletic Association Wedding:

A bride and groom embrace in front of the grand fireplace in the lobby of the Pittsburgh Athletic Association

Asking me to pick my favorite weddings is kind of like asking me to pick my favorite child. Every wedding is different and I love them for different reasons. Susie and Guido’s wedding was pretty special for me, though. You see, back when I started to get serious about taking on wedding commissions I was fortunate enough to be hired by Susie’s big sister Leah and her husband Ben. I always do my best, but their wedding was the one where it all sort of clicked for me and I felt like I had found my voice as a documentary wedding photographer. It helped that Leah and Ben and their families are some of the kindest, open, and loving people you’ll ever meet.

So I was quite excited when Susie contacted me to tell me that she was getting married and she wanted me to photograph her wedding. She said it was already a done deal. She and Guido weren’t considering anyone else because they wanted the best photographer they could get and I was that guy. No pressure, right?!?

Anyway, we met up for an engagement session and I got a sense of who they are as a couple. A golden retriever and a snowball fight will make any portrait session fun 🙂

Getting Ready and First Look

Susie looks at herself in a full-length mirror held by her bridesmaids as she gets ready for her Pittsburgh Athletic Association wedding. Such a simple and beautiful dress.

A bride looks at herself in a full-length mirror held by a bridesmaid

Guido waits for the first look with his groomsmen (Lisa’s photo).

A groom looks for his bride while standing near the Cathedral of Learning

Susie and the girls walk over to the Cathedral of Learning for the first look.

A bride holds her arms out as she walks along Fifth Avenue in Oakland

Lisa’s photo.

A groom stands with his eyes closed as his bride approaches for their first look

a bride and groom embrace while their bridal party looks on

We were very lucky to have caught a break in the rain for the first look and portraits prior to the wedding ceremony. The light was soft and beautiful.

a bride and groom walk hand in hand beneath the trees outside of the Cathedral of LearningA groom kisses his bride's hand

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Ceremony

Leah’s son Weston is a cutie.

A cute little boy looks up at the camera with his fingers in his mouth

Ring bearers Weston and Lucas burst into the wedding. The ceremony was originally scheduled to be held outside in the sculpture garden in Mellon Park, but rain caused Susie and Guido to go to their Plan B inside of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. You’ve always got to have a Plan B when you have an outdoor wedding (Lisa’s photo).

two young ring bearers burst into the wedding

Compositionally this is not the greatest photo that I’ve ever taken, but it never fails to move me when I look at it. In this moment Guido’s affection for Leah and Ben’s son Wyatt says so much to me about the quality of his heart.

a groom kisses the forehead of a ring bearer in a wheelchair

Lisa’s photo below.

A bride and groom say their vows as they are photographed from above

The ceremony was so joyful. It really captured Susie and Guido’s spirit.

A bride laughs as she looks at her guests

A toast! Lisa’s photo below.

a bride and groom raise their champagne glasses as they toast their guests

Leaving the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

A groom laughs as he and his bride walk under the shelter of an umbrella


On to the reception! Weston and Lucas were still running, with Leah and Ben behind them this time.

The ring bearers run into the wedding reception

What an entrance!

bride and groom leap and run into the reception as they are introduced

Susie and Guido react to Leah and best man Anthony’s speeches.

matron of honor and best man toast the bride and groom

Parent’s dances (next 4 are Lisa’s photos).

parent's dances during a wedding receptiontwin sisters dancea bridesmaid raises her hands on the dancefloor

These two know how to dance!

bride and groom stretch their arms out towards each other as they dance

Guido stole the show with his signature moves to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.

groom dances with his tie swinging

Guido and his fraternity brothers gathered in a circle to serenade Susie.

a bride is surrounded by the groom and his friends as they sing to herbride and groom play air guitar

Guido’s dad Larry and Susie’s dad Dale shared a dance to the delight of the bride.

father of the bride and father of the groom share a dance as the bride laughs

Guido and his brother Gabe.

groom picks his younger brother up and swings him around on the dance floor

Bowling After Party

The after party was held in the bowling alley in the basement of the Pittsburgh Athletic Association. A very fun way to end a great day.

bowlers in the basement of the PAA

Thanks very much. I just wish that there was a third sister!

Bride and groom are reflected in a puddle outside of the Cathedral of Learning

Thanks for checking out this Pittsburgh Athletic Association wedding. Take a look at this wedding, too. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.