William Penn Hotel Wedding

My friends and neighbors Danna and Hector got married a few months ago. I’m so excited to share photos from their William Penn Hotel Wedding!

A bride smiles as she holds her groom while he kisses her cheek. They are seen through a waterfall.

A Good Start to the Big Day

Pizza is a great way to start your wedding day. Just do it before you put on the white dress 🙂

A bride wearing a floral dressing gown laughs as she eats a piece of pizza before her wedding. She's looking at a card that says "Shit just got real"

A toast to the lovely bride.

A bride and her bridesmaids touch glasses as they toast each other in a crowded kitchen.

Hector admires a gift from Danna as he waits in Father Kelty hall beneath St. Philip Church in Crafton (Photo by Lisa).

A groom holds a rosary that his bride bought him before their wedding ceremony.

Danna’s mom and sister Bridget help put on her veil.

A bride smiles as her mother whispers something to her while putting on her veil.A bride holds an embroidered handkerchief with her and her husband's initials and their wedding date.

The Ceremony

Hector surprised Danna by sending a vintage Bentley limo to bring her to the church.

A bride looks up from the back passengers side window of an antique Bentley that delivered her to the church.

Danna’s brother and sister help her up the steps leading to St. Philip.

A bride is helped up the stairs leading to the church by her brother and sister. It's raining so they're holding umbrellas.

Tears of joy as Danna waits in the back of the church for the ceremony to begin.

Black and white photo of a bride smiling as she wipes a tear from her eye as she stands in a room before the processional that begins her wedding.

Hector smiles (Photo by Lisa) as he sees his bride-to-be walk towards him escorted by her father.

two photos with the first one being a groom watching with a smile as his bride walks down the aisle towards him. The second photo shows the interior of the church from the back as the bride and her father walk down the aisle.

Bride and groom link arms as they prepare to walk on to the altar for their wedding ceremony.

I love this look from Hector as he puts the wedding band on Danna’s finger 🙂

While standing on the altar, a bride looks at her groom with a smile while he grins at the audience.

And this one when Danna puts the wedding band on Hector’s finger.

Bride looks at her groom with a huge grin as they exchange vows on the altar of a church.

First kiss!

Two photos showing the sequence of a first kiss between a bride and groom on the altar of a church at the end of their wedding ceremony.


Bride and groom raise fists in celebration as they grin at their guests at the end of their wedding ceremony.Bride and groom walk down the aisle of the church at the end of their wedding ceremony. They look at each other with big smiles.

A sweet moment at the back of the church just after the wedding.

Bride hugs her groom with a look of quiet happiness in the back of the church after their wedding.Bride and groom in silhouette as they walk out of the doors of the church after their wedding.


Checking out the wedding rings on the way up to the West End Overlook.

Bride holds out her hand to look at her wedding band as her groom looks lovingly at her.

Bride and groom look at each other as they walk on a path with fresh, green trees above them.

The West End Overlook is a beautiful spot for photos.

Two photos the first one being a full-length portrait of a bride standing beneath an ivy covered arbor and the second of a groom looking left as he clasps his hands in front of himself.

William Penn Reception

The reception was in the William Penn Ballroom at the Omni William Penn in downtown Pittsburgh. They had their first dance right after they made their entrance.

Bride and groom hold on to each other and laugh during their first dance at their William Penn Hotel Wedding in the William Penn ballroom as their wedding party stands to watch.

A dip and a kiss at the end of the dance (Photo by Lisa).

Groom dips his bride and kisses her at the end of their first dance at their William Penn Hotel Wedding.

DJ Steven Vance made sure that the dance floor was filled all night long.

Bride and groom dance with each other as they are framed by the bride's parents.

Parent’s dances.

Father and daughter dance with a dramatic and humorous gesture looking skyward with their arms outstretched.Bride smiles as she embraces her father at the conclusion of their dance.Groom and his mom hold each other and smile as they share a dance during the reception of a William Penn Hotel Wedding.

Danna’s family has a very fun tradition where everyone gathers around the bride and serenades her.

Bride is surrounded by her family and guests as they serenade her.Bride holds her hands up in joy as she is surrounded and serenaded by her family and friends.

The couple dances with Hector’s sister.

Bride and groom link arms as they dance with the groom's sister during the reception of their William Penn Hotel Wedding.Black and white photo of a smiling bride and groom as they dance during their William Penn Hotel Wedding.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to photograph the wedding of two truly wonderful people. I’m even more grateful for their friendship. Also, I’m proud to say that I was able to keep up with Hector for the first half of a 5k race last night – until he kicked it in and left me in the dust 😀

Stay tuned for another Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding sometime soon. Or soonish 🙂

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