Renaissance Pittsburgh Wedding

Alyssa and Ben’s Renaissance Pittsburgh wedding took place on one of those perfect late summer days with bright blue skies and pleasant temperatures. Looking at these photos kind of makes me wish that spring would stop fooling around and get here already! That’s all I’m going to say about the weather. What I really want to talk about is just how much everybody enjoyed being with Alyssa and Ben to celebrate their wedding. Happiness is contagious and their families and friends were filled with smiles and laughter from the beginning of the day through the end of the evening.

a bride and groom stand with a blue sky and a view of downtown pittsburgh behind them

Getting Ready

Alyssa checks her makeup while her bridesmaids watch. This is such a great suite at the Renaissance, it’s spacious and filled with light.

bridesmaids in mint green robes watch a bride look at her reflection

Ben sent a card. He has a way with words 🙂

a bride laughs and cries as she reads a card from her grooma bride and two bridesmaids sit on a couch and talk

Some details including Alyssa’s beautiful dress, Godiva Chocolate gifts for the ladies, and the bride’s bouquet from Gidas Flowers.

the brides white lace wedding dress and shoes next to godiva chocolate gift boxes and peach and white colored roses

Alyssa’s mom Karen buttons up her dress.

the brides mother buttons her daughters white lace wedding gownportraits of the smiling bride and groom in their wedding day attirewhite and gold wedding invitations

The guys figure out how to put on their boutonnieres.

a groom and his groomsmen fasten orange roses on his suit

The First Look

The first look was on the balcony outside of the couple’s suite. Such a lovely space for a private moment.

the bride and groom embrace on a balcony with a view of downtown pittsburgha bride and groom kiss on a balcony overlooking downtown pittsburgh

The Ceremony

After leaving the Renaissance we headed to the ceremony which took place at the Bower Hill Community Church in Mt. Lebanon.

the exterior of a brick chapel on a sunny day

Alyssa and her dad Ken watch as the flower girl Quinlan walks into the sanctuary with a big smile on her face.

the bride and her father watch a smiling flower girl walk down the aisle with orange flower petals

Then it was their turn to enter.

a bride holds an orange and white rose bouquet and walks down the aisle with her father

Ben watches from his spot near the altar.

a groom stands in front of colorful stained glass windows and smiles at his bride

Church rules say that photography is only allowed from the balcony. I like to be up close, but this is a pretty great view.

guests sit in the chapel and watch the bride and groom say their vows in front of colorful stained glass windows

Knowing ahead of time what the situation was going to be allowed me to be prepared with a long telephoto lens so that I wouldn’t be too far removed from the action.

the wedding party claps as the bride and groom kiss

We took some portraits around the church before heading to the West End Overlook, where the lead photo was taken.

a bride and groom hold hands and talk in a sunlit doorwaya bride and groom pose in front of a chapel with a blue sky behind them

On to the Reception

The Symphony Ballroom at the Renaissance had some seriously beautiful light coming through the windows when we got there. I did some detail shots while the cocktail hour was going on:

gold plates with menus next to orange roses and candles in the Symphony Ballroom during a Renaissance Pittsburgh wedding.

The bridal party had a long table in front of the window just off of the dance floor in the middle of the room. It’s a nice way to arrange the space.

white and gold dining tables and a white wedding cake with orange and white flowers at a Renaissance Pittsburgh wedding.

Each of the tables had these great pictures of the couple from when they were kids. They haven’t changed a bit!

table cards with childhood pictures of the bride and groom next to glasses of champagnea groom and groomsmen in gray suits next to a bride and her bridesmaids in mint green dresses

Alyssa and Ben make their entrance.

guests cheer and take photos as the bride and grrom enter the reception area

guests cheer and wave white napkins

They went right into their first dance before cutting the cake.

a bride and groom kiss and take their first dancea bride feeds her groom a piece of cake

Then it was dancing, dancing, dancing!

two women in black dresses laugh and dancea bride holds a drink and dances with her fatheran elderly couple smiles and dancesa groom holds a beer and dances with friends

Karen brought Alyssa a bowl of ice cream to the dance floor. Moms are the best 🙂

a bride and her mother eat ice cream from a sundae bara young couple dances closelya woman laughs at a man in a darth vader maskbridesmaids and guests laugh and dance

Towards the end of the evening Alyssa and Ben’s fellow alums from Northeastern University brought out the school’s flag.

a bridesmaid and groomsman wave a red northeastern university flag above a bride

One last portrait: This one beneath the leaded glass skylight in the lobby of the Renaissance. A lovely ending to a fantastic Renaissance Pittsburgh Wedding.

a bride and groom embrace under the skylight at their Renaissance Pittsburgh wedding.


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