Hey folks, fake spring just passed through for a quick visit but warmer days are coming! Do you know what warms my heart? Working with couples like Liz and Jon. Their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding was just the kind of day that makes me love my job.

A groom wearing a blue suit embraces his bride who is wearing a white dress and a red shawl.

Getting Ready

A woman wearing a dressing gown smiles at a bouquet held by another woman wearing glasses.

Liz was thrilled with her bouquet, which were done by a family friend.

Hands hold a book about knitting that actually has wedding vows taped into the pages.

Arts and crafts time during getting ready included taping the couple’s vows into books.

A bride wearing a white dress looks into a mirror as she adjusts her necklace.

Liz puts on her jewelry. So pretty.

A silhouette of a makeup artist applying powder to the forehead of a bearded man.

Jon gets a little help with his shine. Fun fact: The couple met acting in plays during high school.

A fiery red headed bride with bright blue eyes.

Liz was ready to go outside for the first look. There’s something special about red hair and blue eyes, isn’t there? 😍

First Look

The weather was a little chilly, but dry. So we decided to do the first look on the walkway near PNC Park on the North Shore.

A groom wearing a blue suit smiles as his bride approaches him from behind on the path near PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Jon smiles as Liz walks towards him. He looked great in his custom tailored suit!

A smiling bearded groom wearing a blue suit turns as his bride taps him on the shoulder.

A smiling bride embraces her groom on the North Shore of Pittsburgh.

A bride holds her hands out and smiles as her groom gets a look at her before their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

This was fun. They were so happy to finally reach the big day and this was a great way to start.

A bride and groom smash noses as they embrace after seeing each other before their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

Aw, just look at these two. I hardly had to pose them but that’s kind of the point with my way of approaching portraits. Everybody wants to look great in their photos. To me, the best way to accomplish that is to set the table for the couple to have a moment together and then get out of the way. I mean, I’ll make adjustments as required but the goal is to show how the bride and groom feel about each other. That’s where the magic is!


A groom holds his bride's bouquet as they stand on the water steps on the north shore of Pittsburgh.

We chose the water steps for the bridal party photos. Liz and Jon’s all-mail bridal party was a little out of the ordinary, but the guys were a lot of fun!

A bride and groom stand together on the water steps on the North Shore of Pittsburgh as their all-male bridal party in gray suits stands around them.

Pittsburgh Aviary Wedding

Kudos go to the folks at the National Aviary for their hard work pulling together all the details for this wedding when Liz and Jon’s original venue fell through with just a couple of weeks notice. It’s a lovely venue that I love to photograph weddings at. Previous events I’ve done have been in the summer and the ceremonies have been in the garden outside. Over the years the Aviary have continually added to and improved the venue. I’m excited about the Garden Room, their new outdoor space! Liz and Jon’s ceremony was in the FliteZone theater.

A man with flowers in his beard tosses flower petals as he acts as a flower girl during a Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

Best flower girl ever! He was so well behaved and didn’t cry or run to his mom.

A bride and groom stand together holding a red book as 5 men in gray suits stand around them during their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

Liz and John had a self-uniting ceremony with each of the guys playing a part.

A bride and groom smile at each other as they stand in front of a forest image projected on a screen behind them.

I really liked the background Liz and Jon chose.

A bride laughs as her groom reads his vows out of a red booklet during their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

Liz cracks up as Jon reads his vows.

A bride kisses her husband on the shoulder as a man in a gray suit signs their wedding documents.

A little kiss from Liz as the self-uniting document is signed making things official!

A bride and groom embrace at the end of their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.


Reception in the Atrium

A cookie table beneath a painting of birds and an escort table with old cameras, clocks, a globe and postcards during a Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

The decor reflected the couple’s love of travel. In fact, they currently live overseas. So kudos to them for pulling off their vision with all of the challenges that go along with planning from afar.

Blue table cloths and travel-related items on each of the tables in the atrium of the Pittsburgh Aviary during a wedding.

A bride and groom kiss during their first wedding dance beneath the glass dome at the Pittsburgh Aviary.

First dance under the dome in the atrium.

A bride and groom grin at each other during their first dance at their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

A bride and groom dance as their guests circle them and sing at their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

Everybody hit the dance floor at the end of the first dance.

A bride laughs as she and her groom are surrounded in a big hug by their wedding guests.

The look on Liz’ face 😄

Couples dance during a wedding at the Pittsburgh Aviary.

This was a dancing crowd!

A large man rolls on the floor during dancing at a wedding at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh.

Two women dance back-to-back during a Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

A bride and groom stand in the dark and smile at each other as they're lit from behind at their Pittsburgh Aviary wedding.

One more portrait. If we have time at the end of the evening I like to add a little light and get something special.

Here’s another Pittsburgh Aviary wedding that you’ll enjoy.