Hey, this is Pittsburgh. You know how it is. If you’re getting married – especially in the spring and fall – you might just have to do some wedding photos in the rain.

A bride and groom walk down the red granite steps in front of the Mellon Institute. She's holding a bright bouquet of flowers and he's holding a clear umbrella over them because it's raining. So we did wedding photos in the rain.

Weather Can Change Quickly

A bride and groom walk in a crosswalk on Grandview Avenue on Mt. Washington. The groom holds the bride's train while a storm approaches over downtown Pittsburgh.

We went down the street for some portraits after Stacey and EJ‘s ceremony at St. Mary of the Mount on Mt. Washington. Once the photos were finished we hurried back to the limo because there was a storm coming our way through downtown Pittsburgh.

A bride smiles as her groom holds her and kisses her on the cheek in front of a red and gold curtain.

Weather apps are great because you can see when the rain is going to start and (hopefully) stop. We kept an eye on this storm but unfortunately it decided that it wasn’t going anywhere. So what do you do? Well, the first rule of dealing with rainy weather on your wedding day is to remain flexible. EJ and I cleared out some furniture in their suite and made a little photo studio so that we could continue doing couple’s portraits.

Wedding Party Photos in the Rain

Seventeen members of a bridal party stand in silhouette beneath the convention center as they take wedding photos in the rain.

Photographing wedding parties – especially big ones like Jalyn and Chris had – can be a bit of a challenge when the weather turns sour. Which brings us to the second rule of rainy day weddings: Have a plan! With 17 people we needed a bigger space. Their reception was at The Fairmont, so in order to stay close we chose the walk under the convention center. Another good option would have been the lobby of the hotel, but the couple wanted to be outside and this worked out pretty well!

A bride and groom stand cheek to cheek in front of a blue lighted waterfall beneath the D.L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.

Storms can mean that there’s not much available light. It helps to be prepared with a portable lighting kit.

Stay Happy

A bride and groom stand smiling together beneath a large golf umbrella as her father and sister stand beneath their own umbrellas during a rain storm.

Susie and Guido originally planned to have their ceremony in the Sculpture Garden at Mellon Park in Shadyside. Mother Nature had other ideas. So they moved the ceremony into the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. If they were disappointed it didn’t show. Because they were following the most important rule: Stay Happy! Hey, you’re getting married to your love so turn those frowns upside down! Or something like that 😊🙃

Wait it Out if You Can

A bride and groom touch champagne flutes as they stand in front of a rain-soaked glass door.

Yegi and Reza planned a fabulous wedding at Oheka Castle in New York. It’s a super fancy mansion on Long Island Sound. Think Great Gatsby! Anyway, just as the ceremony was about to begin a single storm cell crossed directly overhead and dumped a bunch of rain on the outdoor ceremony site. What did they do? Well, they had a glass of nice champagne and waited. Which is the fourth rule: Be patient. This rule is very closely related to the first rule. It just depends on the situation. Yegi made the call that she’d rather adjust her timeline than move the ceremony indoors.

Wedding guests wearing bright gowns and tuxedos dry white folding chairs as they prepare for an outdoor ceremony after a rain storm.

The staff were joined by a bunch of guests as they dried off the seats and set out the programs. With everyone pitching in the prep took just a few minutes.

Move it if You Have To

A bride and groom smile at each other at the end of their wedding ceremony inside of a barn on a rainy day.

Alex and Rich had planned their ceremony to be under an arbor near a pond at Armstrong Farms. It wasn’t to be. The weather was just too terrible and moved it inside. The staff at Armstrong Farms know their venue and they advised that things be moved inside the barn.

A blonde woman reaches her hand outside of a flap of a large tent to see if it is still raining.

That proved to be the correct decision. It kept raining through dinner which was in a tent outside of the barn.

A bride and groom hold each other in front of a dramatic sunset.

The skies cleared up just around the time the sun set. Alex and Rich were willing to leave dinner for a few minutes and we were rewarded with a beautiful photo.